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How often does the Planning & Zoning Committee and the Town Board meet?
The Planning & Zoning Committee meets monthly, on the first Monday of the month.  The Planning & Zoning meetings are at 6:30pm, and Town Board meetings are at 7:30pm.  Meetings are open to the general public.

How do I get a recyclable bin?
Contact the Rock Disposal (608-365-7625) during normal business hours.  

How do I register to vote?
You can register to vote by coming to the Town Hall during regular office hours.  If sending voter registration by mail, include a copy of driver's license with your current address.

How do I get a permit for a new construction?
Contact Town Building inspector Chris Dodge ( 756-3154) for any permit.

Is the Town Hall available to rent?
The Town Hall may be rented to a Town resident for a fee of $100.00.  A deposit of $125.00 is required, but is refundable on the conditions that the Hall is left as it was found. 
Contact the Town Clerk @ 754-1468 for more information or to request a date.  Please call one month ahead as Board approval is required for the rental.

Is a permit needed to burn?
A permit must be obtained for outdoor area burning, meaning a fire which is intended to burn in an area greater than 25 square feet, is intentionally set and which is intended to travel outward to seek its source of fuel.  However, if the area burn is conducted, controlled and supervised by a professional company that is professionally trained and insured for this activity no permit is necessary.  If permit is needed please contact Town Fire Marshall, Linda Fewell 754-1468 

How do I vote absentee?

To vote by absentee ballot, a request needs to be made in writing or in person during regular office hours.