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August 3, 2015 Town Board

Town Board
Town of Janesville, Wisconsin
August 3, 2015

Posted:  Friday, July 31, 2015 at the Town Office, Lion's Quick Mart,
Consolidated School and www.townofjanesville.org 

Members Present:  Chairman Bruce Schneider, Supervisors- Gary Fox,
David Rebout Lon Coplien and Janet Kassel
Members Absent: None
Others Present:  Clerk Linda Fewell, Treasurer Peggy Augustine,
Attorney Jamie Olson, Constable Archie Henkelmann, (6) members of the

Meeting called to order, by Chairman Schneider, at 7:30 p.m., at the
Town Hall, 1628 North Little Court, Janesville, Wisconsin, followed by
the pledge of allegiance.
1.	Minutes of previous Meeting
	Moved by Fox, seconded by Rebout, that the minutes of the regular
meeting held 
July 6, 2015 be approved as presented, Motion carried on voice vote.
2. 	Financial Report
   	Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, that the financial report
July 31, 2015 be accepted as presented by Treasurer Augustine. Motion
carried on                    voice vote. 
3.	Citizen Participation
	1) Gaylen Reilly, questioned about putting up a fence one foot on his
side of the property
  And leave the existing fence in place? He wants a privacy fence 8-12
ft. high and 250 
  Foot span. The existing fence has been there for many of years. Keep
in mind that he
  Should leave enough room on both sides of the fence to maintain the
fence and not be
  On the other land owners property. Attorney will look into the state
statues and let the 
  Clerk know.
2) Bruce Schneider got a call from Ray Gehrig, he wants to change his
shooting day from Tuesday to Wednesday. He will still be under the
20hours, Janet Kassel remembers the Town Board meeting stating no
Friday or Saturday shooting. Attorney will check to see if a public
hearing would be needed. 
3) Carol Reilly thanked the “County for the black top on Polzin Rd.
4.     Committee Recommendations- Did not meet
5.	Unfinished Business    
      A. Moved by Kassel, seconded by Fox, to take the loan money in
September, we have 
	 4 months from the date on the letter to take the money. Motion
carried on voice vote.
6.    	New Business
	A. Building Inspector Report – All good 11 new homes for the Town of
B. Archie Henkelmann, Town Constable filed a complaint against Matthew
  Bruce Schneider read the complaint to the public. Archie gives his
side of the complaint, Matthew Rucks was granted an operator’s license
on July 6, 2015. Matthew
Rucks was charged in 2008 convicted of a felony. He did not disclose
all the information on his application. Matthew Rucks came forward to
present his side of the case his Attorney could not make it. He had
spoken with Town Attorney Jamie Olson but never followed up with any
information. Jamie sent statues 125.04(B) to his Attorney. Janet
questioned Matthew as to why he did not fully disclose information on
application? Janet explained to Matthew that with the state statues
that we “shall” revoke his license. Hearing closed at 8:04pm. Moved by
Kassel, seconded by Rebout, to revoke Matthew Rucks operator license,
he will get a letter in the mail and has 10 days to bring the operator
license to the Clerk.
He can serve with an operator on duty. Motion carried on voice vote.
C. Moved by Rebout, seconded by Fox, to approve the sale between
adjoining owners  Mary Ann Burkheimer 1829 N. Parker Dr. and Blair
Winn 1817 N. Parker Dr. Motion carried on voice vote.
D. Moved by Fox, seconded Rebout, to approve operator license for
Natiea Fox, to expire June 30, 2016. Motion carried on voice vote.
E. Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, to deny the operator application
for Matthew Hill, due to incomplete and inaccurate. He can fill out
with the correct information and then submit again in September.
Motion carried on voice vote. 
Attorney will prepare a letter for Matthew Hill and Clerk will sign
and mail to him. Town Attorney is going to look into drafting a new
operator application for the Town of Janesville. We have a vague
application, and need to upgrade.
	F. Moved by Rebout, seconded by Fox, to donate $500.00 to the Clean
Sweep program.
	  Maybe make this a budget item next year. Motion carried on voice
      G. Moved by Schneider, seconded by Fox, not to change the fees
at the boat launch
  In the Town of Janesville. Motion carried on voice vote. Maybe we
could brain storm
  And maybe do a free day for our veterans to launch their boats with
the help of our 
  Park cleanup day or something like that.
H. Information given to the board members about the Rock County health
Amendment Private/Public Sewage Systems. Bob Mielke will let clerk
know when the 
Next meeting will be. 	  	
7.	Reports by Town Attorney
1. Personal Property collections update: TNN Holdings - Court July 31,
2015 default judgement, Attorney will let us know if we garnish.
Viking Restorations – address change
So papers have to be refiled. September 25, 2015 return date for
	A. 	Sheriff report-- on file with clerk	
8.	Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, that Voucher #259 through and
including #278 be approved for payment. Motion carried on voice vote.
9.	 Adjournment
     	 Moved by Rebout, seconded by Kassel, to adjourn. Motion carried
on voice vote.
  Meeting adjourned at 8:59 p.m.
  Minutes approved ( ) with ( ) without corrections,

   Linda Fewell, Town Clerk                    Bruce Schneider, Town


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