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January 4, 2016 Town Board

Town Board
Town of Janesville, Wisconsin
January 4, 2016

Posted: Wednesday December 30, 2015 at the Town Office, Lion's Quick
Mart, Consolidated School, and town website.   

Members Present: Chairman Bruce Schneider, Supervisor David Rebout,
Gary Fox Janet Kassel and Lon Coplien.
Members Absent:	None
Others Present: Town Clerk Linda Fewell, Treasurer Peggy Augustine,
Town Attorney Jamie Olson. (25 members of the public)

Meeting called to order by Chairman Schneider, at 7:30 P.M. at the
Town Hall, 1628 N. Little Court, Janesville, Wisconsin. The Pledge of
Allegiance followed.
1.	Minutes of Previous Meeting
Moved by Fox, seconded by Rebout, that the minutes of the regular
meeting, held December 7, 2015, be approved as presented. Motion
carried on voice vote.
2.	Financial Report
Moved by Rebout, seconded by Coplien, that the financial report ending
December 31, 2015, be accepted as read by Treasurer Augustine. Motion
carried on voice vote. 
3.	Citizen Participation	- 
	Duwayne Erickson, 6220 W Lynn Edgewood Estates, complaint on resident
	Graves, running engines loud from 8:15am to 8pm. Thought they were
going to 
	Be out of the subdivision in one year. Clerk Fewell will look at the
	Use Permit and get back in February. 
	Gaylen Riley, presented farmland preservation paperwork to have map
	Attorney Jamie Olson will have the map changed and get map to clerk.
	Kathy Martin 4126 N River Hills Ct, regarding the county plowing on
	28, 2015. Kathy passed out a copy of the conversation with county
	Traynor, lack of plowing on their road 18 hours without being plowed.
	Stated that they could not get up their driveway. Greg Gensler spoke
up and said
	They have to wait to plow because the roads were too bad. He has been
	For 30 years and this was the worst he has seen. Sheriff’s deputy was
in on the 
	Conversation explained that is how the county works. They work from
4am –
	8pm. If an emergency call comes in the sheriff’s department can call
a plow off  	the interstate to assist. Bruce will relate this to
4.	Planning Committee Recommendations- a request, from Stephen Rudd
4327 N. Newville Rd Janesville, WI 53545 for a zoning change from
(SFRR) to Agricultural District Three (A-3). On the property as
Part of the PT NE¼ of these SE ¼COM 526.8’S of E ¼ COR,
S 334.9’W223’ S56.1’ W224’N391’, E 407’TO POB. Section 12, T.3N.
R.12E. of the 4th P.M.., Janesville Township, Rock County, Wisconsin.
Parcel # 6-8-113.2 Tax ID 016 012021	
Was voted to approve this request by the Planning and Zoning
Moved by Fox, seconded by Kassel, to approve this request, from SFRR
(A-3) as it is in line with agricultural area. Motion carried on voice

5.	Unfinished Business	- 
A. Greg Gensler, property on Hackbarth Rd, concerning the 
	Brush and logs. Greg and wife Sheryl were here and brought a copy of
the letter 
	Sent to the Town Board, all has been cleaned up and Board had no
	Discussion at this time. Case closed.
	B. Laurie Pernot, complaint of her barking dogs. Janet brought up the
fact that she 
	Is only allowed 3 dogs on agricultural that is the Town Ordinance and
the State 
	Law that the dogs must be vaccinated and licensed. Laurie stated that
the 4 dogs 
	Would be re-located within 30days. We will follow up on this on our
	C. Richard Lambert, wants to purchase the Town Park on Sunny Shore.
	Board is not interested in selling the property.
	Moved by Schneider, seconded by Fox, to not sell the property. Clerk
will get a 
	Hold of Richard Lambert and let him know. Motion carried on voice
6.    	New Business     
      A.  Building Inspector Report – 
B.  Moved by Schneider, seconded by Fox, to approve the bonding of N
River Rd the Boy Scouts of America will have about 1000-1300 loads of
clay County drove the road with a USB drive to record the entire road,
with the cost at $900,000.00 for Bonding. Attorney will draft up the
Bonding Permit Agreement. Motion carried on voice vote.
C. Moved by Kassel, seconded by Fox, to grant the clerk the day off on
January 28th, 2016. Motion carried on voice vote.	 
7.	Reports by Town Attorney - none
8.	Correspondence       
	A.	Sheriff report- on file with clerk	
9.	Vouchers
	Moved by Rebout, seconded by Fox, that Vouchers #1 through and
	including #49 be approved. Motion carried on voice vote.

Special Note that the Caucus will start at 7:30pm January 5th, 2016
clerk will be here
To let residents know if they show up at 7:00pm as printed in the

10.	Adjournment
	Moved by Rebout, seconded by Fox, to adjourn. Motion carried on
      voice vote.
	Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.
	Minutes approved ( ) with ( ) without corrections,

  _____________________________   _______________________________
  Linda Fewell, Town Clerk           Bruce Schneider, Town Chairman


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