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May 2, 2016 Town Board

Town Board
Town of Janesville, Wisconsin
May 2, 2016

Posted: Friday April 29, 2016 at the Town office, Lion’s Quick Mart,
Consolidated School and the Town website. 

Members Present: Chairman Bruce Schneider, Supervisor David Rebout,
and Janet Kassel, Lon Coplien, Gary Fox
Members Absent: 
Others Present:  Town Clerk Linda Fewell, Treasurer Peggy Augustine,
Town Attorney Jamie Olson, (14) members of the public.

Meeting called to order, by Chairman Schneider, at 7:30 p.m., at the
town hall, 1628 N. Little Court, Janesville, Wisconsin. Followed by
the Pledge Allegiance.

 1.	Minutes of Previous Meetings
Moved by Fox, seconded by Rebout, that the minutes of the regular
meeting,     held April 4, 2016 be approved as presented. Motion
carried on voice vote.
2.	Financial Report 
    	Moved by Rebout, seconded by Kassel, that the financial report,
April 30, 2016, be accepted as read by Treasurer Augustine. Supervisor
Rebout questioned where are the boat launch fees? Peggy stated that
they go in the General Funds Account. Motion carried on voice vote. 	
3.	Citizen Participation- 
*Deputy Hemeway from the Sheriff’s Department here for any questions
or concerns. Gaylen Rielly asked if he could shoot at the Drones
flying over his house. No, that is free space, kind of like a body of
water is free space it’s when you get out of your boat you would be
*Lisa Tollefson, running for County Clerk and was here to introduce
herself and take questions. Lisa is very experienced and certified in
election training. 
*Andy Jordgeson, running for Register of Deeds Rock County, feels that
he would be a good person for the job and to stay closer to home.
*Don Vruwink, running for State Representative 43rd Assembly District.
He has been a class room teacher for 40 years in the Milton School
District. He grew up on a farm and is currently on the Farm Bureau
*David Rebout, brought up resident Julianne Burns was wondering about
the road that runs parallel to her, if that is indeed their property.
Yes, that property is her land. Julianne should post Private Drive, No
Trespassing or something to let others know. David Rebout will call
her back and let her know. 
4.	Planning Committee Recommendations – Did not meet.

5. 	Unfinished Business-
  A. Status of compliance with terms of CUP for dog kennel license by

Laurie Pernot, and possible action regarding same. Bruce and Doug went
To Laurie’s and found that she is in compliance. South pen is fenced,
And food are there. Dogs will not be in the North pen. David asked
Laurie if 
She would take some pictures and bring into the office in case anyone
would question that everything was as stated. She agreed.   
	   B. Follow-up and possible action on noise complaint on County Rd
	   Chairman Schneider, never got to hear the band play. Table for
June agenda.
	   C. Moved by Rebout, seconded by Fox, to have Jamie proceed with
   A-1 Farmland Preservation District, renaming it as an Overlay
   This will require: Ordinance, Certified with DACPT, Class 2 notice,
   And Zoning meeting, Public Hearing. Motion carried on voice vote. 

6.    	New Business
A.	Building Inspector Report- all ok, reports are given to the board.
B.	Julie from Shady Nook, wondering about the background checks 
	For the bartenders, she has a lot of operators that have been there
	Years and feels they should not have to have a background check. The

	Board stated that anyone can break the law within one year and who 
	Would know, that is why we are doing them yearly on every operator.
	The Town of Janesville has upgraded the applications, and they
include a 
	Yearly background check on all that apply. We will look into some
	Have just gotten done and the expiration date is soon to be. At a
later date. 
C.	Moved by Fox, seconded by Rebout, to approve operator license for
Kaley Nigh, Motion carried on voice vote.
	Moved by Fox, seconded by Kassel, to approve operator license for
Sean Buroker, Motion carried on voice vote.
	Moved by Rebout, seconded by Coplien, to approve operator license for
Megan Williams, Motion carried on voice vote.
	Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, to approve operator license for
Dawn Burdick, Motion carried on voice vote.
	Moved by Kassel, seconded by Fox, to deny operator license for
Theresa Potter, Motion carried on voice vote.
D.	Date of Board of Review, Set for June 2nd, 2016 / 5:30pm-7:30pm
Here at the Town Hall. Open Book is May 17th, 2016 / 11am-1pm Here at
the Town Hall.
E.	Moved by Schneider, seconded by Fox, to approve borrowing money in
the amount of $300,000.00 to Finance the Towns Fire Protection. Motion
carried on voice vote.
F.	Clerk Fewell will be off on May 19th, 2016. Notice on the door and
G.	Town Road Projects: Seal Coating Harvest View, N. River Rd,
Rockport Rd / Crack filling Town Hall parking lot, Grader Patch 250
Ton, Mineral Point 1-11/4 mile, Black Topping. Polzin Rd Trip funds
and the Bridge up to 6 years. Lots of tree trimming needs to be done
in the Town’s Rite of Way 33ft straight line from center of road.
Bruce will get in touch with Traynor on these areas.
8.	Reports by Town Attorney: None
9.	Correspondence:
	Sheriff Report on file with clerk
10.    Vouchers
Moved by Fox, seconded Coplien, that Voucher #161 through and
including #202 be approved for payment. Motion carried on voice vote.
11.	 Adjournment
     	 Moved by Rebout, seconded by Kassel, to adjourn. Motion carried
        Voice vote.
  Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

  Minutes approved ( ) with ( ) without corrections,

  _____________________________      _______________________________
   Linda Fewell, Town Clerk               Bruce Schneider, Town


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