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October 3, 2016 Town Board

Town Board
Town of Janesville, Wisconsin
October 3, 2016

Posted:  Friday September 30th, 2016 at the town office, Lion's Quick
Mart, Consolidated School, www.townofjanesville.org.   
Members Present: Chairman Bruce Schneider, Supervisor David Rebout,
Gary Fox, Janet Kassel and Lon Coplien  
Others Present: Clerk Linda Fewell, Treasurer Peggy Augustine, Town
Attorney Jamie Olson, (12) members of the public.
Meeting called to order, by Chairman Schneider at 7:30 p.m., followed
by the Pledge of Allegiance, in the town hall, 1628 N. Little Court,
Janesville, Wisconsin
1.	 Minutes of Previous Meeting
 Moved by Coplien, seconded by Kassel, that the minutes of the regular
Meeting held September 6th, 2016 be approved with a correction, Robert
Mielke was not in attendance at the Board meeting. With that
correction be approved. Motion carried on voice vote.	
2.	 Financial Report
      Moved by Rebout, seconded by Fox, that the financial report,
September 30, 2016, be accepted as presented by Treasurer Augustine.
Motion carried on voice vote. 
3.	Citizen Participation Ė 
Dennis Thiele- stated that there was an illegal divided parcel, need
to do a title search. 1 driveway serves these parcels. Easement serves
fathers property.	
David Nehls- 3036 W Rollingwood Dr, poured concrete all the way to the
public rd. Mikey (owner) said he talked to John Traynor. Mike Nehls
spoke up and said that John said they would break a sheer pin. Board
will review it and let them know in 30 days. This will be on the
November agenda.
Doug Rebout- Stated that Mineral Point would be finished 3rd week of
October. County Rd F is way behind and that is why Mineral Point is
still not done.
Peggy Augustine- Town of Beloit website has more information on
becoming a Village. If the Board members would like to know more.
Lon Coplien- Not going to mow at the Town Cemetery any more. The Board
will have to find someone else. Canít get mower in the driveway.
4.	Recommendation from Planning & Zoning Committee- 
A. Request, from Edgar J Hobbs 5124 N. River Rd Janesville WI 53545.
For a Conditional Use Permit Local Commercial District (B-1), property
address: 5324 N. County Rd F for an Automotive Fabrication Business.
Parcel # 6-8-23.4 / Tax ID 016 00301201. 1.22 acres. Planning and
Zoning approved and recommended to the Town Board.
Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, to approve the Conditional Use
Permit for the property at 5324 N Cty Rd F. Hours of operation will be
6am to 7pm and CUP is nontransferable. Motion carried on voice vote.
B. Request from, MAACS LLC 401 Badger Dr. Evansville WI 53536. For a 
         Re-zone property location at 4700 W US HWY 14 (Country Side
Current zoning (A1FP) rezone to (B-1), 4.1+/- acres, section 8, Town
of Janesville. Parcel # 6-8-64 Tax ID 016 008021. Planning and Zoning
denied this request 6-1 vote. Traffic was a main concern, spot zoning
and that would only create more issues down the road.
Moved by Rebout, seconded by Kassel, to deny this request, spot
zoning, Hwy traffic, does not fit here. Motion carried on voice vote.
C.  Request from, Ramon Ruiz 5849 N. Glenmoor LN Janesville, WI 53545.
For a Preliminary    
    Minor Land Division Current Zoning SFRR, 4.14 acres, section 2,
Future zoning of parent lot
    Will be SFRR. Lot 47 Lochwood second addition PT NE1/4 Town of
Janesville. Parcel # 6-8-
    346.47. Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, to approve this request
for a minor land 
    Division. Motion carried on voice vote.
5.	 Unfinished Business
A.  Dog Issue at 4815 Hwy 14 has been resolved, residents were
6.    	New Business
      A.	Building Inspector Report- everything going good. 
B.	Colin and Kurt from the Rock County Planning Department here to
	Town wide new fire number signs. Ordinance at the County level is
	So that all the numbers are the same thru out the County. This needs
to be done for safety reasons, fire departments, ambulance calls,
Police. A lot of the numbers are faded and not put in the right
places. We are hoping to do a bulk ordering that would help with the
cost. Each Resident will be billed for the new signs. There will be a
public hearing in November or December, the County will let the clerk
C.	Jeremy from the Milton School District here to speak about the
	Revenue Tax is less than 1%	overcrowding, Milton East has no
basement, no elevators, not handicap accessible. Just want all the
municipalities with the Milton School District to know of the
referendum. Handouts left with the clerk for the public. Judy Schmitz
said that she feels the public is miss informed, it is for the
students STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).
	D.	Discussion and Possible action on the Tax Collection Season.
Collections shall be
 On the Treasurerís hours only listed in the newsletter. Clerk can no
longer accept  
            Tax Collections. We will get a lock box for the Town Hall
that residents can leave
Their payments if they wish. Residents can mail the tax payments and
when the Treasurer is in she will do the receipting. The hours will be
listed on the door as well. Moved by Fox, seconded by Kassel, to check
into a lock box for the Town Hall in the foyer. Be sure to word this
in the newsletter as clearly as we can. Notice on the door as well.
Motion carried on voice vote.  
E.	Discussion and Possible action on the Country Side Motel 4700 Hwy
14 cars parked for sale. No action required cars are removed.
F.	Clerk will be off October 6, 13 and 17, 2016.
G.	Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, to approve operator license for
Brittany Waldow, Christina Bergh, Justin Haefer and John Carey. Motion
carried on voice vote. 

7.	Reports by Town Attorney.
	1. 	Nothing to report	

8.    Correspondence       
	A. Sheriff Report on file at office.
	B. Received a letter from a resident on the Boat launch there is a
drop off next to the pier 
	That the tires get caught in. Resident made up a drawing and
presented it to the board.
	Town Constable and Lon Coplien are going to take a look at this and
will get it taken 
	Care of.
	C. Complaints from residents on Valley Springs Rd, trees and brush
need to be trimmed 
	  Back blocking the roads.		
9.	Vouchers
	Moved by Rebout seconded by Fox, that vouchers # 320 through and 
	Including # 348 be approved for payment. Motion carried on voice
10.	 Adjournment
	Moved by Kassel, seconded by Fox, to adjourn. Motion carried on
      voice vote.   
  	Meeting adjourned at 9:04p.m.
  	Minutes approved ( ) with ( ) without corrections,

	_______________________			___________________________
Linda Fewell, Town Clerk               Bruce Schneider, Town Chairman


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