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February 6, 2017 Town Board

Town Board
Town of Janesville, Wisconsin
February 6th, 2017

Posted: Friday, February 3rd, 2017 at the Town Office, Lion's Quick
Mart, Consolidated School, town website.   
Members Present: Chairman Bruce Schneider, Supervisor David Rebout,
Gary Fox
Janet Kassel and Lon Coplien
Members Absent:	None

Others Present: Town Clerk Linda Fewell, Treasurer Peggy Augustine,
Town Attorney Jamie Olson, (16) members of the public.
Meeting called to order by Chairman Schneider at 7:30 P.M. at the Town
Hall, 1628 N. Little Court, Janesville, Wisconsin. The Pledge of
Allegiance followed. 

Rock county Deputy here from the Sheriff’s Dept. any questions or
concerns? Janet brought up stop sign rolls, it is being done all over.
Deputy stated that is not a STOP and can be ticketed. 

1.	Minutes of Previous Meeting
Moved by Fox, seconded by Rebout, that the minutes of the regular
Meeting, held January 3, 2017 be approved with the correction 6-B add
a “s” to the word thing. Motion carried on voice vote.
2.    	Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, that the financial report,
      January 31, 2017, be accepted as read by Treasurer Augustine.
Motion carried 	on voice vote. Also Peggy brought up that the Todd
Thiele’s property Tax bills 
	Are shifted and The Town may have to eat a $31.62 mix up. The Town
	Is working on this mess up.
3.	Citizen Participation
	1) Tim Fisher- Harvest View Dr. Complaint of too many dogs at his
  Archie invited him to be here, Tim said that two of the dogs are
going to be
  Gone within about a month. One is going to Green Bay and one to
  Archie will follow up.	 
4.	Unfinished Business
	A. Follow up regarding Tree House complaints. Chairman Schneider went
	  Talked to Mindy at the Tree House after the January meeting, he
	  The snow and wood chips being pushed over the property line. They
will stop 
	  Doing that. Hauling snow in, Mindy knew nothing about that. The
lights are
	  For security for the patrons. The wood burner is not an issue at
this point. Greg
	  Gensler was questioning about the pavilion is that in the
extensions? Clerk 
	  Fewell told him that it was. He was saying that the septic is
	  Clerk Fewell told him that is a health department issue. Town
Attorney told
	  Greg that if there is trespassing issues he would have to contact
the Sheriff’s 
     B. Moved by Coplien, seconded by Fox, to table the Outdoor Wood
	 Furnaces Ordinance. Not regulated right now and now many of them out
	 The board would like more time to look into this. Motion carried on
voice vote.
    C. Update on the Boy Scout Camp the hauling in the dirt and rocks.
Sihla is using
	County Road F to Miles Rd and a small part of N. River Rd. We have
footage of
	N. River Road if they break up the road. No action needed.
5.	New Business
A. Building Inspector Report - Nothing to report,
B. Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, to table the driveway issue at
this time.   Would like to see what the County is going to do as they
are updating their Ordinances. Janet made it clear that she regrets
not slowing down and listening to how she felt instead of going along
with others. This should have been tabled from the start. Town
Attorney stated that we may put the burden on the citizens to check
all the ordinances before moving forward with any projects. Town is
not always responsible for resident’s errors. Motion carried on voice
	C. Moved by Kassel, seconded by Coplien, to approve the N. Hackbarth
	North of Hwy 14. Do the draws with the Title Company, 110% of
	Attorney Mike Grubb will be the one to draw up the paper work and our
	Attorney will review and Chairman will sign where needed. Approval
from DOT
	For the intersection. We will do the financial agreement they want to
own the land
	Before they put the road in. Combs, the Contractors, the County and
the Town 
	Have to see the work before they sign off. We will be notified of
each phase of 
	The project. Jeff Fox said that 3 draws will happen, they will
dedicate the road
	To the Town. Motion carried on voice vote.  
D. Moved by Schneider, seconded by Rebout, ABC North River Hill will
To pay for the 2 parcels (4118 & 4148 N River Dr.) garbage and
recycling. The
      Houses are still there as of January 1st, 2017. There have been
no demo permits
      pulled as of today.
E. Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, to approve Mineral Point Bridge
Design Consultants Selection as stated 1) Batterman, 2) MSA and 3)
Corre Inc.
County will get the paper work out to these firms, we will wait to
hear from them. Motion carried on voice vote.
	F. Moved by Rebout, seconded by Fox, to adopt the Rock County All 
Hazards Mitigation Plan. Motion carried on voice vote. 
G. Moved by Fox, seconded by Rebout, to approve Bjion Limestone to put
part of a mound system, (part of the dirt) will be in the Town right
of way. The septic is not going to be in the right of way. Town has
acknowledged the dirt, and will sign an easement agreement. Motion
carried on voice vote.
H. Donald Hanneman, here to discuss County Rd. F. It is in real bad
shape needs 
To be redone. Possible 2018 maybe federal Aid Funding from Hwy 14 to 
Consolidated School Rd approx... 3 miles. No action required.
I. (POWTS) Private On site Wastewater Treatment Systems, if private
sewers fail 
They would be annexed into the City. Board request to keep the acres
at 1.5 and have Bruce see if we can go to 1 acre. He will attend a
meeting on February 22, 2017. We as the Town do not feel we need a
special meeting on this issue.
J. Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, to approve the Maintenance
Assessment Services contract with Associated Appraisal Consultants,
We opted in to the Website posting at the rate of $34.01. Motion
carried on voice vote.
K. Discussion on the “Towns First” with the County. County is reaching
out to take care of the Town’s first before they get involved in big
projects. No action required, just when Towns go on the Road trip with
the County keep this in mind.
L. Moved by Fox, seconded by Kassel, to approve the operator license
for Alesia Gillespie and Stephanie Kalish, to expire June 30, 2017.
Motion carried on voice vote.
M. Moved by Kassel, seconded by Fox, for solicitation of Refuse &
Recycling Collection. Contract up June 30, 2017. We will open bidding
March 1st, 2017 Close bidding on April 30th, 2017. Open bids at the
May 6th, 2017 meeting. Motion carried on voice vote.
N. Moved by Schneider, seconded by Kassel, to approve the Fire and EMS
contract with the City of Janesville. The cost for the protection is
Motion carried on voice vote.
Archie Constable: reported on Tim Fisher with the dogs, he will get
rid of the 2 dogs that he said he would. As for Crystal Springs Rd.
the mess is all cleaned up.  
6.	Reports by Town Attorney 	
	Nothing to report			
7.	Correspondence       
	A. Sheriff report- on file with clerk	 
8.	Vouchers
	Moved by Rebout, seconded by Fox, that Vouchers #48 through and
	including #88 amend to include #89 be approved. Motion carried on
voice vote.
9.	Adjournment
	Moved by Rebout, seconded by Kassel, to adjourn. Motion carried on
      Voice vote.
	Meeting adjourned at 10:05 PM.
	Minutes approved ( ) with ( ) without corrections,

  _____________________________   _______________________________
  Linda Fewell, Town Clerk           Bruce Schneider, Town Chairman


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