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May 1, 2017 Town Board

Town Board
Town of Janesville, Wisconsin
May 1, 2017

Posted: Friday April 28, 2017 at the Town office, Lionís Quick Mart,
Consolidated School and the Town website. 

Members Present: Chairman Bruce Schneider, Supervisor David Rebout,
and Janet Kassel, Lon Coplien, Gary Fox
Members Absent: 
Others Present:  Town Clerk Linda Fewell, Treasurer Peggy Augustine,
Town Attorney Jamie Olson, (15) members of the public.

Meeting called to order, by Chairman Schneider, at 7:30 p.m., at the
town hall, 1628 N. Little Court, Janesville, Wisconsin. Followed by
the Pledge Allegiance.

 1.	Minutes of Previous Meetings
Moved by Kassel, seconded by Coplien, that the minutes of the regular
meeting,     held April 3, 2017 be approved as presented. Motion
carried on voice vote.
2.	Financial Report 
    	Moved by Fox, seconded by Rebout, that the financial report,
April 30, 2017, be accepted as read by Treasurer Augustine. Motion
carried on voice vote. 	
3.	Citizen Participation- 
*Reminder for the Board the meeting with the County Friday May 5th,
2017 at 8am.  	
*Chairman brought up the complaint of the light issue on Rockport Rd.
Told Board members to drive by at night let him know what they think.
David did say he didnít think it is a problem. 
4.	Planning Committee Recommendations Ė 
A. Request, from Gary Hergert, 320 E J-F Townline Rd for a change in
zoning / Land Division from Exclusive Agricultural District (A-1) to
(A-2) 15+/- acres, and a Land Division of 2.0 acres +/- with a rezone
of SFRR. Parcel # 6-8-4.6 & 6-8-4.6A. Planning and zoning tabled this
request due to the 700 sq. ft. out lot was not in the application. So
this will be on the June agenda.
B. Moved by Fox, seconded by Coplien, to approve the Quit Claim Deed
from Bruce Schneider for land on Hackbarth Rd. Bruce Schneider stepped
down from the vote, David Rebout is acting Chairman. The land was
still in his motherís name and wanted to donate to the Town. Motion
carried on voice vote.
C. Review and possible action regarding Transfer of land between
adjacent lots / owners, Gregory & Sheryl Gensler 3348 N Cty Rd E.
Parcel 6-8-135A.2A and David & Rosalind Voegeli 3406 N. Cty Rd E.
Parcel 6-8-135A.3A. Transfer of land is 0.11 +/-, zoned SFRR. Moved by
Rebout, seconded by Fox, to approve this request, correcting an error.
Now even sq. footage on both properties. Motion carried on voice

5. 	Unfinished Business-
   A. Moved by Kassel, seconded by Fox, for temporary exemption, allow
    Dogs at 3761 Harvest View Dr. All three dogs must be licensed,
dogs must be 
    Leashed or fenced, when the old dog passes away then the temporary
    Exemption terminates and then 2 dogs as the ordinance allows, and
if there
           Are any complaints the Town will revisit this issue. Motion
carried on voice 
6.    	New Business
A.	Building Inspector Report- all ok, reports are given to the board.
B.	Moved by Kassel, seconded by Coplien, to hire Zach Richards to mow
the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Mow 2 times a month in the growing season.
	During the dry months 1 time shall be good. First mowing and clean up
will be $150.00, mowing will be $80.00 each time. Motion carried on
voice vote.
C.	Garbage and Recycling contract ends on June 30th, 2017. We have 3
Bids here first is Johns Disposal, Nathanael and Brian they are a
small family owned business. They will have the calendars online for
the residents. They will drop off a big dumpster for e-waste event.
Next we have Advance Disposal, Jason Johnson stated that service has
been an issue
	But feels that they are on the way to fixing that. No one here from
Waste Management and we noticed that there is a fuel charge in the
	Moved by Coplien, seconded by Fox, to table this matter of the bids
until all the Board members have a chance to go thru the bids and
compare. There will be a special meeting on May 8th, 2017 at 7:30pm
here in the Town Hall to vote on the bids. Motion carried on voice
D.	Discussion and possible action regarding property at 4349 N. River
Rd, this is a Rock County Health Department issue. The Side by Side
Contractors must apply for a sanitary permit for the holding tank. No
action by the Town Board on this issue at this time.
E.	Moved by Schneider, seconded by Rebout, to approve borrowing money
in the amount of $300,000.00 to Finance the Towns Fire Protection.
Motion carried on voice vote.
F.	Clerk Fewell will be off on May 31st, 2017. Notice on the door and
G.	Town Road Projects: No action taken at this meeting was done in the
prior meeting.
H.	Moved by Schneider, seconded by Fox, to set the date of the Open
Book and Board of Review. Open Book will be June 1st, 2017 from
11am-1pm here in the Town Hall. Board of Review will be June 22, 2017
from 5:30pm-7:30pm here in the Town Hall. Motion carried on voice
I.	Discussion and possible action regarding payment to Phil Blazkowski
for the water quality management his part in the meeting and research.

	Moved by Rebout, seconded by Coplien, to not pay him as we do not
have the money in the budget for all these things that pop up. We
already paid Tim Lindau $144.00 for his part. Motion carried on voice
8.	Reports by Town Attorney: Jamie will help do a waiver for the
cutting of the Park trees at Hwy 14 and N. River Rd. Archie will mark
the trees with an ďXĒ the ones to be cut down.
9.	Correspondence:
	Sheriff Report on file with clerk	
10.    Vouchers
Moved by Rebout, seconded Fox, that Voucher #145 through and including
#174 be approved for payment. Motion carried on voice vote.
11.	 Adjournment
     	 Moved by Rebout, seconded by Kassel, to adjourn. Motion carried
        Voice vote.
  Meeting adjourned at 9:03 p.m.

  Minutes approved ( ) with ( ) without corrections,

  _____________________________      _______________________________
   Linda Fewell, Town Clerk               Bruce Schneider, Town


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