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February 15, 2017 Refuse & Recycling Collection Specifs.



1.	INTRODUCTION.  The Town of Janesville is seeking a private sector
service provider (hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor”) for the
following solid waste and recycling collection and disposal services
to be performed for the Town:

•	Weekly - Automated residential full service refuse collection and
disposal, and
•	Bi-Weekly - Automated residential full service curbside recycling
collection and processing.
•	Large item pickup with garbage being on a call – in basis.  

The Town is considering a contract for the indicated services for
either a one (1), two (2), or three (3) year term.  Proposals shall be
submitted using the attached form, Appendix A, quoting prices for the
options indicated.  The Town prefers proposals be submitted for all
services requested.  Submit Appendix A and B to the Town Clerk by
deadline provided.  

2.	CHANGE IN SCOPE OF WORK.  The Town may order changes in the work to
be performed consisting of additions, deletions or other revisions
within the scope of the work requested.  No claim may be made by the
Contractor that the scope of work has been changed thereby requiring
changes to the amount of compensation paid to the Contractor or other
adjustments to the Contract, unless such changes or adjustments have
been made pursuant to a written amendment to the Contract.  If the
Contractor believes that any particular work is not within the scope
of work required under these specifications, the Contractor shall
immediately notify the Town in writing.  If the Town, in its absolute
and sole discretion, determines that the particular work is within the
scope of the Contract, the Contractor shall continue to perform such
work as may be changed at the cost required under the terms of the

3.	COMMUNITY INFORMATION.  The following community information, which
is estimated, should be considered in determining anticipated volume
of refuse and recyclables and other requirements necessary to provide
the services being proposed.
•	Population: 3464
•	Units:
Single-Family and Multi Family Residences-------------_1436______
and some commercial properties, which will receive the same service as
residential units from the contractor.  Those commercial
establishments which require additional services above and beyond that
required for normal residential units, will contract separately (at
their expense, and their choice of contractor) for additional

Industrial facilities and multi-family residences with more than four
(4) living units will not be part of the Contract.  Industrial
facilities and multi-family residences with more than four (4) living
units will be required to comply with the requirements of the Town’s
recycling program and will contract separately (at their expense, and
choice of contractor) for collection of their solid waste and

•	Total Miles of road/streets: __51____ miles

4.	DEFINITIONS.  Words, phrases and terms as used in these
Specifications and the Contract shall have meanings as follows:

a.	“Contract” - the contract or agreement between the Town and the

b.	“Director” - the Chairman for the Town of Janesville.

c.	“Quote/Proposal” - are to be considered synonymous and shall mean
the response to the Request for Proposal/Refuse & Recycling Collection
Specifications, including the Proposal for Services (Appendix A) and
the Qualifications Statement (Appendix B) and Contract.

d.	“Recyclables/Recyclable Material” - These materials include lead
acid batteries; major appliances; waste oil; aluminum containers;
corrugated paper or other container board; foam polystyrene packaging;
glass containers; magazines; newspaper; office paper; rigid plastic
containers, including those made of PETE and HDPE; steel containers,
waste tires; and bimetal containers.  This list may be expanded to
comply with State landfill disposal bans.

e.	“Single-Family Residence” - Any single family home, includes
trailers and mobile homes wherein one family resides.

f.	“Town” - the Town of Janesville, Wisconsin, acting through its duly
elected Town Board or designated officials.

g.	“Multi-Family Residence” - Any residential structure housing two or
more families in separated living units.

h.	“Unit/Units” - Each/all single-family residence(s) and multi family

i.	“Work” - The operation, management, supervision, hauling, marketing
and other labor and services performed or provided by the Contractor
in connection with the full scope of the services described in these
specifications and the Contract.


1.	TERM OF CONTRACT.  The term of the Contract shall be for a period
of one (1), two (2) or three (3) years, dependent on the option
selected by the Town, commencing July 1, 2017. As of July 1 of each
year, the contract will be extended for an additional 12 months beyond
the original termination date unless one of the parties notifies the
other in writing within 60 days prior to such extension date that the
contract is not to be further extended.  The Town and the Contractor
intend that the contract will be automatically extended indefinitely
as provided in this paragraph until a party notifies the other party
in a timely manner of that party’s election not to extend the

2.	COMPLIANCE WITH LAW.  The Contractor shall comply with all laws and
regulations of the State of Wisconsin and Ordinances of the Town
relating to the collection, disposal, storage, treatment, processing
and marketing of refuse and recyclables.  The Contractor shall also
obtain and maintain all necessary municipal, state and federal
permits, licenses and approvals necessary to carry out its obligations
under the Contract.

3.	DISPOSAL AND PROCESSING.  The Contractor shall provide at its own
expense a suitable disposal site for all refuse and a processing
facility for recyclables, complying with all state and federal laws
and regulations, local ordinances, as well as the regulations of the
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  All refuse shall be hauled
and disposed of outside of the limits of the Town and in such a manner
that shall not result in and shall not cause offensive or unsanitary
conditions or create a public nuisance during transportation.

4.	CONTRACTOR’S INSURANCE.  The Contractor shall not commence work
under the Contract until it has obtained all insurance required under
this subsection and such insurance has been approved by the Town, nor
shall the Contractor allow any subcontractor to commence work until
all the same insurance required on the subcontractor has been

Workers Compensation Insurance
The Contractor shall take out and maintain during the term of the
Contract and before any work is commenced, Workers Compensation
Insurance for all of its employees employed to do the work; in case
any work is sublet, the Contractor shall require the subcontractor to
provide Workers Compensation Insurance for all of the latter’s
employees unless such employees are covered by the protection afforded
by the Contractor. In case any class of employees engaged in work
under the Contract is not protected under the Workers Compensation
Statute, the Contractor shall provide Employer’s Liability Insurance
for the protection of its employees not protected by the Workers
Compensation Statute.

Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance
The Contractor shall take out and maintain during the term of the
Contract Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance to protect
Contractor, any subcontractor, and the Town during the performance of
work covered by the Contract, from claims for damages for personal
injury, including accidental death as well as claims for property
damages which may arise from performance under the Contract, whether
such operations be by the Contractor, by any subcontractor, or by
anyone directly or indirectly employed by either of them in such
manner as to impose liability on the Town.  The amounts of such
insurance shall be as required by law.

If persons or property of others sustain loss, damage or injury
resulting directly or indirectly from the work of the Contractor or
its subcontractors in their performance of the work or from the
Contractor’s failure to comply with any of the provisions of the
Contract or of law, the Contractor shall indemnify and hold the Town
harmless from any and all claims and judgments for damages, and from
costs and expenses to which the Town may be subject or which it may
suffer or incur by reason thereof.

The Contractor shall not commence its work until it has obtained all
insurance required under this section and filed Certificates of
Insurance thereof with the Town Clerk:

1.	Comprehensive General Liability and Property Damage Insurance
(subject to the following limits): 

Bodily Injury		$ 1,000,000 per person
$ 1,000,000 per occurrence
$ 2,000,000 aggregate
Property Damage	$ 1,000,000 per occurrence
$ 2,000,000 aggregate

2.	Comprehensive Automobile Liability and Property Damage (operations
of owned, hired and non-owned motor vehicles):
Bodily Injury		$ 2,000,000 per person
$ 2,000,000 per occurrence
Property Damage	$ 2,000,000 per occurrence

5.	ASSIGNMENT OF CONTRACT.   No assignment by the Contractor of the
Contract or any part thereof or the funds to be received hereunder by
the Contractor will be recognized unless prior written approval of
such assignment by the Town and the surety has been obtained.  Such
written approval by the Town shall not relieve the Contractor of its
obligations under the Contract.  Any such assignment shall include the
following language:

“It is agreed that the funds to be paid to the Assignee under this
Assignment are subject to a prior lien for services rendered or
materials supplied for the performance of the work called for in said
Contract in favor of all persons, firms or corporations rendering such
services or supplying such materials.”

Assignment for the purposes of the Contract shall also mean sale of
the Contractor’s business to other than its current principal owners
and/or stockholders.

6.	COMPETENT LABOR.  The Contractor shall only employ competent and
skilled workers and supervisors in the conduct of work under the
Contract.  While on the job, the workers and supervisors shall
maintain good and reasonable behavior.

7.	PAYMENTS.  The Contractor may submit periodically, but not more
than once each month, a request for payment for work to be performed
under the Contract.  The Town will pay Contractor within forty-five
(45) days after receipt of its invoice for work performed under the
Contract.  The Contractor agrees to cooperate with the Town as to the
form and content of the invoice to accommodate the administrative
needs of the Town.  The parties acknowledge that the credit and/or
costs associated with the collected recyclables and the landfill
diversion credits have already been included as part of the fixed
rates for services outlined in Section III.

8.	DEDUCTION FOR UNCORRECTED WORK.  If, in its sole and absolute
discretion, the Town deems it expedient to accept work not done in
accordance with the Contract, an equitable adjustment will be made
with proper deduction from the Contract price for unsatisfactory
performance.  Unsatisfactory performance shall include but not be
limited to:

1.  Failure of the Contractor to make necessary collections.

2.  Failure of the Contractor to respond to complaints to the
satisfaction of the residents.  

3.  Failure of the Contractor to follow up on “missed” pickups.

4.  Failure of the Contractor to make pickups on the scheduled day.

Claims for damage filed against the Contractor by the Town shall be
handled expeditiously by the Contractor.  If it fails to do so, the
Town maintains the right to withhold funds from the Contractor and pay
claims if, in the opinion of the Town, it determines the claims are
warranted and justified.

9.	MAP.   Within thirty (30) days of the Contractor’s selection for
the performance of the work, the Contractor shall provide the Town
with a route schedule map complete with days of pickup with refuse and
recyclables clearly marked.  The route schedule shall include all
private roads designated by the Town.  No change in this map will be
permitted without approval from the Town Board.

10.	COMPLAINTS.   Contractor shall maintain telephone service at its
office for receiving calls or complaints regarding its work and shall
maintain an official address for said purpose.  The Contractor shall
provide to the Town Clerk a monthly list of complaints received and
their resolution.  This should be provided to the Town Clerk within
one (1) week after end of each month.  Failure to provide will result
in a $25.00 per day reduction of the monthly invoice. The Contractor
shall resolve all complaints within a 24-hour period or within the
next working day.  The Contractor will be charged and shall pay the
Town $100.00 for each complaint not resolved to the complainants’
reasonable satisfaction.

11.	TIME AND LOCATION OF PICKUP.   All refuse and recycling shall be
collected by the Contractor at regular intervals, which shall be at
each unit once a week for refuse and every other week for recycling.

All pickups shall be on a regularly scheduled basis, with each unit
being served on the same day of each week at approximately the same
time of day unless adjustments in the schedule are approved by the
Director.  All pickups shall be between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and
5:00 p.m.  All refuse and recyclables shall be picked up at either the
driveway entrance within five (5) feet of the curb line or edge of
Town approved streets or roads as well as all private roads.

12.	HOLIDAY COLLECTION.   In any week in which a holiday occurs, the
day of collection following the holiday may be one day later with
collections carrying over to Saturday.  Normal schedule collections
will commence the following week.  Contractor will provide to the Town
Clerk a list of applicable holidays.  In the event of inclement
weather that prohibits normal collection, the collection will be
delayed with the notification to and consent of the Town, but in no
event more than three (3) days.  Under no circumstances shall
collections be made on Sunday or Holiday except with express written
permission of the Town Chair.  

13.	REPORTING REQUIREMENTS.   The Contractor shall maintain records as
to its work provided to the Town under the Contract and submit reports
to the Director and the Town Clerk at his or her request, but in any
event no less than twice each year.  The Contractor shall cooperate
with the Town in collecting and tabulating data of such work with the
reports to include information, such as the amount of refuse and
recyclables collected and transported from the Town, the amount of
refuse and recyclables processed and/or marketed by item type from the
Town, the final disposal location of refuse and recyclables, hours of
operation, routes, citizen comments and complaints, and any other
information reasonably required to be provided by the Town.  The
Contractor is required to report to the Town on a monthly basis the
weights of both garbage and recyclable materials collected during each
month.  The Contractor shall also assist the Town in any educational
programs reasonably required by the Town.  Failure to provide the
information required hereunder or the reports shall constitute
sufficient cause for the Town to terminate the Contract.

14.	RIGHT TO REJECT MATERIALS.   The Contractor shall have the right
to reject or leave at the curb any refuse or recyclable material that
is not prepared according to the specifications, Town Ordinances, or
educational materials provided by the Town (or by the Contractor with
Town approval) to the residents of the Town.  Such items may be left
by the Contractor if they are not properly separated, placed in proper
containers or, with respect to recyclables, are not designated
recyclable materials for collection.  The Contractor may also refuse
to pick-up any refuse if it contains recyclables.  In such cases, the
Contractor shall notify the generator of the materials in writing
concerning the reasons for rejecting the items.  The Contractor shall
provide the Director and the Town Clerk with a written report on a
quarterly basis of such occurrences.

15.	EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO COLLECT & DISPOSE.  During the term of the
Contract, Contractor shall have the exclusive right to collect and
properly dispose of or recycle the solid waste and recyclables
described in the Contract which are generated within the Town.  The
Town agrees that during the term of the Contract it will not engage
other person or entities to perform the services described in the

Contractor each recognize that County, State and Federal legislation
or regulation regarding solid waste recycling, collection and disposal
may change during the term of the Contract.  If any of the recyclable
items set forth in Section III are declared toxic or hazardous waste
by a political entity, Contractor’s obligation to collect such items
shall end.  Any other change in applicable law which materially
affects Contractor’s cost of performance or ability to perform the
Contract shall, at Contractor’s option, permit Contractor to cancel or
renegotiate the Contract on ninety (90) days notice to the Town.

17.	TERMINATION OF CONTRACT.   The Town reserves the right to
terminate the Contract if the Town determines that the Contractor has
failed to satisfactorily perform the work required as determined by
the Town or any commission of any breach (material or otherwise) of
the terms of the Contract or upon the bankruptcy or insolvency of the
Contractor.  In the event the Town decides to terminate the Contract,
the Town shall give the Contractor no less than fifteen (15) days
written notice before the termination takes effect.  The fifteen (15)
day period will begin upon the certified mailing of notice by the
Town.  After receipt of a notice of termination, the Contractor shall
cease to perform any further work and satisfy all outstanding
obligations.  Following termination of the Contract, the Town shall
not be responsible for and the Contractor hereby expressly waives any
right or entitlement to any costs, fees or damages of whatever nature,
either legal or equitable, that arises or may arise from the
unilateral right of the Town to terminate the Contract.  

Either party may terminate the Contract upon the breach of the other
party, if the non-breaching party has given written notice of the
violations and the violation continues unremedied for sixty (60) days
after such notice.  The Contract may not be terminated as a result of
causes beyond its reasonable control such as change in government
regulation, strike or labor action, extraordinary weather conditions,

18.	INDEMNIFICATION.   Contractor shall indemnify, defend, and hold
the Town harmless from any and all claims and liabilities whatsoever,
including, but not limited to judgments, costs, damages, expenses, and
attorneys’ fees in any way arising out of or caused by the work
performed or provided by the Contractor under the Contract.

19.	PROPOSAL FOR SERVICES.   The Proposal For Services form is set
forth in Appendix A and consists of the Contractor’s Price Quote and
the Qualifications Statement form which is set forth in Appendix B
must be completed in ink or typewritten.  The price quote of each item
on the form must be stated in words and figures and in case of a
conflict, the words shall take precedence.  

20.	BASIS OF AWARD OF PROPOSAL.  The Town may award the Contract to
the Contractor whom the Town finds to be competent, reliable,
responsible and qualified and whose proposal is the most favorable for
the Town as determined by the Town Board in its absolute and sole

The Town will review responsiveness to the qualifications requirements
(Qualifications Statement, Appendix B) and compliance with the
specifications and submittal requirements.  The Contractor will be
required to demonstrate that it is responsible, reliable, and capable
of performing the work to be performed as requested in these
specifications and that it possessed the necessary financial resources
to perform the work in a proper and satisfactory manner.  The
information contained in the proposals shall be detailed, clear and
fully responsive to every material requirement of the specifications.

In the event the Contractor that is initially selected is determined
to be non-responsive or unqualified to perform the work required, the
proposal will be rejected.  The Town shall then select its next
qualified Contractor.  This process shall be repeated until a
responsive, competent, reliable, and qualified Contractor is
identified.  The Town may waive minor, non-material irregularities in
any proposal.  The Town’s determination regarding whether a proposal
irregularity is minor and non-material shall be final.


1.	GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.   The Contractor shall collect and dispose of
all garbage, trash, refuse, rubbish and other disposal items
(hereinafter “refuse”) from the units and Town-owned buildings and
property in the Town of Janesville designated in subsection B below. 
Such refuse shall include, but not be limited to, the following list
of items:

a.	Well wrapped or bundled garbage.
b.	Small appliances (toasters, radios, etc.)
c.	Small furniture (3' x 5' or smaller), rugs and mattresses.
d.	Small auto parts if in containers (mufflers, etc.)
e.	Building materials placed in container up to (1) yard (lumber,
plaster board, etc) per year shall be accepted by contractor, and does
not exceed sixty (60) pounds.  All lumber must be cut in lengths not
exceeding four (4) feet.  Loose building materials shall not be
subject to collection hereunder. 
f.	Except as otherwise provided in the Contract, solid waste
collection will be full service, and include the collections of
couches, furniture, tables, other large items, and any other items
manageable by one person.  Electronic waste, appliance and white goods
will include air conditioners, clothes washers and dryers,
dishwashers, freezers, microwave ovens, ovens, refrigerators,
dehumidifiers, water heaters and stoves.  Arrangements for collection
can be made through the Contractor’s office and there are no
additional costs for the collection of these items.  
The following items will NOT be picked up:
a.	Stone, brick, rocks, concrete, rubble, earth or sod.
b.	Lawn clippings and/or leaves, tree trimmings and branches.
c.	Building material (except as listed above).
d.	Large auto parts (engine blocks, heads, fenders, etc.)
e.	Recyclables or solid waste that has been mixed with or contaminated
by toxic or hazardous waste.

2.	CONTAINERS.   All refuse placed in containers, shall be provided by
the Contractor. The size of the container shall not be less than 64
gallon capacity or larger than 95 gallon, and picked up weekly by the
Contractor. The contractor shall offer residents (1) additional item
per week in excess of the provided container, not to exceed one cubic
yard of waste.  The Contractor may decline to collect any waste which
is not property contained or placed at the curb for collection or
which contains any waste which Contractor has not agreed to collect
under the Contract.  Where the Contractor has reason to leave waste
uncollected, Contractor shall inform the resident of the reason the
waste was not collected.  

A.	 Refuse collection and disposal shall include the furnishing and
weekly emptying of the following sized containers at the following
Town-owned buildings/property:

Janesville Town Hall:		1 (one)  two cubic yard dumpster?

		Janesville Town Park: 		____________________________?

		Any others?  				____________________________?

The cost of container rental and refuse disposal at Town-owned
buildings/parks shall be considered by and included in the price
quoted by the contractor.

3.	REFUSE COLLECTION AND DISPOSAL.  The contractor will provide
sufficient vehicles to collect and dispose of all refuse.  The trucks
furnished shall be of a type suitable for the collection of garbage
and of leak proof construction.  

The Contractor shall provide and use uniformly covered truck bodies of
the “packer” type. Bodies shall be of metal, watertight and designed
and manufactured for the collection of garbage, refuse, and rubbish. 
The packer equipment shall not travel with its wheels closer than five
(5) feet from the edge of any roadway pavement.  The trucks shall be
washed as often as is necessary to keep the equipment clean and
attractive.  Those operating trucks for the Contractor shall clean up
any refuse that drops off or is blown off the truck or scooters while
loading or traveling on the streets of the Town whether or not the
material falls onto the street or onto private property.  The
Contractor shall bear the expense of maintenance and operation of the


1.	COLLECTION OF RECYCLABLES.   In addition to the collection and
disposal of refuse, the Contractor shall collect from the units and
Town-owned buildings and property at a frequency of once a week or
once every two weeks (same day each period, and same day as the refuse
collection for each unit) all recyclable materials placed in
designated recycling container(s).  Contractor shall be responsible
for supplying containers for use by residents in holding recyclables
for collection.   The size of the container shall not be less than
64-gallon capacity or larger than 95-gallon capacity.  Contractor
shall provide the Town when requested containers not less than
64-gallon capacity nor larger than 95-gallon capacity.  The cost of
the containers will be borne by the Town with the Contractor
designating the cost of the containers in the Proposal for Services
(Appendix A) form.  Contractor shall coordinate with the Town as to
the color of the container and any logo to be inscribed thereon. 
Recycling service will be unlimited.  In the case in which a resident
has more recycling waste than the cart can contain, said resident may
place the material outside of the container in a bin no larger than 18
gallons, or in a clear plastic bag.  Additional bins may be purchased
from the Contractor. 

The cost of disposal and processing of recyclable materials from
Town-owned buildings and property shall be considered by the
Contractor and included in its proposal.

shall provide all equipment necessary to collect the recyclables on
schedule and in a professional and efficient manner.  Equipment shall
be safe, sanitary and maintained in such a manner as to insure the
separation of recyclables by material type and to assure efficient
collection of the recyclables.

3.	SEPARATION OF RECYCLABLES.   Contractor shall be responsible for
the necessary handling, separation or transformation of all recyclable
material at the processing facility.  There shall be no limit as to
the amount of recyclable materials collected from each unit.  The
Contractor shall have the right to refuse to collect recyclable
materials if they do not meet the definition of recyclable materials. 
All containers of recyclables shall be placed within five (5) feet of
the curb or edge of street or road, as well as all designated private
roads.  The hours of collection shall be between 6:00 a.m. and 5:00
p.m.   The recyclable items, which will be collected as part of this
program are as follows:  Aluminum cans; corrugated cardboard & other
Container board;  Glass (clear, brown & green) containers; newspaper;
Steel, Tin and BI-metal cans; Plastic Containers Types 1 through 7;
Waste Oil (Must be in leak-proof, non breakable containers with a
threaded lid, maximum volume of 1 gallon placed outside the recycling
cart; Lead Acid (car and truck batteries)  casing must be undamaged -
these are set next to the recycling cart.; magazines; advertising
circulars (junk mail); Office Paper; Appliances (all white goods);
Tires (2 tires per week, maximum of 8 tires per unit per year).  The
tire must be off the rim. Each unit shall place the recyclable
materials in the furnished container.  Glass and plastic shall be
deposited in tact with metal or plastic cap removed.  All recyclable
metals and plastic containers, bottles and cans shall be rinsed out by
the resident.  All recyclable materials must be clean, uncontaminated,
and dry, not food or oil stained and must meet any other material
specifications of the secondary market for same materials.  Upon
emptying of containers, Contractor shall return the same to the
curbside or driveway so as not to present a driving hazard.

Contractor shall be responsible for the transportation and marketing
of all recyclable materials and shall retain all proceeds.  No
recyclable materials are to be deposited in a landfill or disposed of
in violation of any law, ordinance or regulation.  The process of
securing markets includes the Contractor obtaining contracts for the
sale of recyclable materials and arranging for the transporting of
materials to markets.  Contractor further agrees that all recyclable
materials shall be transported to a licensed landfill site and/or
processing facility for recyclable materials and disposed of as
required.  Contractor will advise the Town of site location.

5.	COMPLIANCE.   Contractor shall comply with all state and federal
laws and regulations and ordinances of the Town relating to the
collection, transportation, processing and disposal of recyclable
materials.  The Town reserves the right to designate additional solid
waste materials as recyclable or currently collected materials as no
longer recyclable in accordance with law and to either add or delete
them from any collection services provided by the Contractor.  The
Town shall provide written notice to the Contractor of any such
change.  In addition, the contractor shall not compact glass
containers with newspaper or garbage.




To:	Town Clerk of the Town of Janesville
           1628 N. Little Court
	Janesville, WI 53548
           [email protected] 

Submission Deadline:  Due to Town Clerk by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday,
April 27, 2017.

Re:	Proposal for Residential Refuse Collection and Disposal, and
Residential Curbside Recycling Collection and Processing

The undersigned Contractor, pursuant to the Request for Proposals for
Refuse Collection, Disposal and Recycling issued by the Town, and
having examined the Request for Proposals Specifications hereby
submits the following proposal for Residential Refuse Collection and
Disposal and Residential Curbside Recycling Collection and Processing
for the Contract term options indicated in the Specifications and for
the prices set forth herein.

SERVICE CHOICE #1:  Fully Automatic Single Stream (bins that the
trucks pickup) Residential weekly Refuse collection and disposal and
biweekly collection and processing of Recyclables.

Option 1: One (1) year contract.
a.	Unit Price:   _________________ dollars
(In words)    _________________ cents  	$ ____________/unit/year

b.	Alternate pricing method to be described here:



Option 2: Two (2) year contract.
For Year 1:
a.	Unit Price:   _________________ dollars
(In words)    _________________ cents  	$ ____________/unit/year

b.	Alternate pricing method to be described here:


For Year 2:
a.	Unit Price:   _________________ dollars
(In words)    _________________ cents  	$ ____________/unit/year

b.	Alternate pricing method to be described here:


Option 3: Three (3) year contract.
For Year 1:
a.	Unit Price:   _________________ dollars
(In words)    _________________ cents  	$ ____________/unit/year

b.	Alternate pricing method to be described here:


For Year 2:
a.	Unit Price:   _________________ dollars
(In words)    _________________ cents  	$ ____________/unit/year

b.	Alternate pricing method to be described here:


For Year 3:
a.	Unit Price:   _________________ dollars
(In words)    _________________ cents  	$ ____________/unit/year

b.	Alternate pricing method to be described here:


Unit cost of container(s): 
      $________		Size_______;              $________                  

Additional containers available at the expense of residents, billed
directly to the resident by the Contractor   $___________             

Any additional fees the contractor needs to include.  Please explain
in detail.
Use an additional page if

The proposal price bid shall include the collection, disposal and
processing of refuse and processing of refuse and recyclable materials
(as the case may be) at Town-owned buildings as set forth in the
Proposal Specifications.
(Date)					(Name of Contractor)

      (Print name and title)

Subscribed and sworn to before me this
_________ day of______________, 2017.
Notary Public, State of Wisconsin

My commission expires: _____________


1.	Official Company

2.	Telephone

3.	Full Address w/Zip Code:                                           

4.	Number of years in business under present firm name:				           


________________________________		________________________________
President or District Manager			Vice President or Assistant District

Proposed Operations Contact for the Town 





REFERENCES:	List Municipality receiving similar services from your
firm (Municipal population, years under contract, services provided
under contract and municipal contract):






Attach a brief overview of the company, including history of local
operations and financial capability.            

 1628 N. Little Court, Janesville, Wisconsin 53548 on or before
Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.  Office hours are as follows: 
Monday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Wednesday 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., Thursday
2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.  All proposals must comply with the following
requirements, but more detailed specifications and requirements must
be picked up at the Town of Janesville Town Hall during Town Hall
1.	To run for a period of at least one (1) year commencing July 1,
2.	Include collection of recyclables and refuse from residential units
(four units and less) on a once a week basis, collection to be
3.	Multiple family units to be charged on a per family basis.
4.	Major appliances are to be included (may require prior arrangements
with haulers) as are furniture and other miscellaneous items, capable
of being handled by one person.
5.	Recyclables to be included are all recyclables required by law to
be collected.
6.	Cost is to be set on a per unit basis.  Fee schedules and any
additional charges, such as fuel charges or environmental charges,
must be clearly explained.
7.	Hauler to provide all recycling bins.
8.	Hauler to identify sanitary landfill to be used.
9.	Hauler to be capable of serving not less than 1,000 units.


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  • July 1, 2017 Advance Totes
  • June 22, 2017 BOARD OF REVIEW
  • June 17, 2017 E-CYCLING EVENT
  • June 1, 2017 OPEN BOOK
  • May 8, 2017 Tree cutting in Town Park
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  • February 15, 2017 Refuse & Recycling Collection Specifs.
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